Code split going good so far!

Re-structuring code is amazingly painfully boring work, but I’ve got an actually playable client going now, totally split from the game logic.

I’m taking the time to do some other long needed code changes as well.

* Updating to LWJGL 2.2.0. This should fix a couple of applet loading bugs, or so I’ve been told.
* New sound engine, replacing the choppy slow one I’ve written, with a really nice one written by Paul Lamb.
* New network core code, by Riven.
* Abstractring out the model loader. This is just a very minor tweak right now, but it will allow the game to potentially load models from disk in the future, if needed.
* Adding hooks for scripting in the server
* New level file format. This one is BAAADLY needed as the current one just uses java serialization, which is a great way of painting yourself into a corner. I will make every effort to keep compatibility with old level files, but it will only load old level terrain data. All monsters and item resources on the map will be reset when loading an old map.

Left to do in the code split are the mobs and resources, and the server project.

It’s unfortunate that this means no visible changes for a while, but I will get at least an update for survival mode based on the old code out this week so you can play around with the sheep.

posted 14 years ago