Damnit, my computer blew up.

First of all, no source code is lost. The harddrives are fine, and there are backups.

I’m posting this from my media computer. My main computer won’t boot. It won’t even complete the POST. The CPU fan spins up and down and back up. I can see some video card boot text, but then the screen goes black, and there are no beeps or anything.

I’m probably going to just go buy a new computer tomorrow and scavage this one for spare parts if I can’t figure out exactly what went wrong. I’ve been through the whole guess-and-buy thing a few times too many before, heh. It’s always the last thing you replace.

I’m guessing it’s either the CPU, the motherboard or the PSU that died baaad. Any ideas on how to find out what’s broken?

posted 14 years ago