Hardware status, and Movies

I spent Monday night trying different configurations of hardware, nothing worked. I finally decided that the PSU was starting to show its age (four years… but a lot of dust), which was the reason the computer had been getting kinda unstable lately. Then when it died, it took something important with it, either the motherboard or the cpu.

It’s not the ram, it’s not the video card, it’s not any harddrive. I’ve tried with and without all of those.

So yesterday, I went to Webhallen and bought a brand new kick-ass computer. Unfortunately, I couldn’t connect my old hard drives to it, so I got a neat IDE -> USB thingie today so I can copy all my files. I will then use that new external drive as an external backup target.

In other news, Stockholm Film Festival starts today! I won’t go see any movies during working hours, so I don’t expect it to cut into any development time, but you never know.
We (me and Ez) are going to see 25 movies in 11 days, and I will post reviews of ALL of them. :D

posted 14 years ago