Should I find an artist for Minecraft?

I’m drawing all the art myself right now, and I think it works fine. But after seeing some custom textures people have made, I have to say some of the stuff is really impressive.

So I thought perhaps it could be a good idea to pay someone to draw real actual pixels for Minecraft. It’d be everything from painting textures, modelling monsters, designing the ingame menus.
I’d only do it if I found someone Really Flipping Good™, and it’d be paid, of course.

Cons: The game becomes less of a one man project (although since C418 helps out with sound, it already is..), and it costs money.
Pros: Better graphics, less work for me. And I have money saved up from the earnings so far. Might be a good idea to re-invest that in the game.

I’d absolutely keep the low resolution and general design. Nothing major would change, just get a much nicer skin. Hey, perhaps you could even get a gold texture that looks not horrible. :D (The glass texture probably will still suck, though)

posted 14 years ago