Film Festival Reviews. Part 5.

Phobia 2

This is a collection of five short horror movies, each one by a different director. They collaborated to try to keep a common feel in the movie, but each movie really could just be seen on its own. It feels a lot like the Twilight Zone movie in that sense. I’ll review each short individually:


A young boy is sent to a monastery after having done Something Bad. He steals food intended as an offering to the “hungry ghosts”, and then gets haunted big time. And that ghost is SCARY!

Score: 4/5


After a motorcycle crash, a young man spends some time in the hospital. He shares a room with a brain dead old man covered in strange tattoos. Except he seems awfully mobile for someone dead.. And who are these strange people visiting him?

Score: 3/5


A Japanese couple gets picked up by a truck driver. I won’t spoil the rest.

Score: 4/5


Lots of confusion about what’s real or not when a child goes missing in his mothers used car lot. See my review of Hierro.

Score: 1/5

In The End:

This one is more comedy then horror, as we follow a group of young film makers shooting the final scenes of a horror movie. Many horror movie clichés get mocked, and the twist ending is both funny, self-aware and satisfying.

Score: 3/5

Best part: Backpackers! Yay!
Worst part: Salvage! Boo!
Overall score: 4/5

posted 14 years ago