Film Festival Reviews. Part 7.


Two close friends meet again after several years apart. One is married and traditional, the other is free and rebellious. They go to a part with some very open minded and artistic people and start discussing shooting a porn movie for an upcoming porn/art festival called Humpfest. They all agree (while drunk) that a porno movie where two straight guys have sex would be very groundbreaking and artistic, so they decide to do so on Saturday.
During the next days, they struggle with their promise, struggle with their own self-image of who they think they are, and with telling Married Guy’s wife about their plans. It’s all very hilarious, very honest, and very realistic. I ended up caring a lot about the characters, thanks to very competent and subtle acting. A lot got said in just small changes of expression.
Last year, I saw Baghead at the Film Festival, and I really loved it. This movie was quite similar in style to that movie, and it turns out that the director of Baghead stars in Humpday, so I assume it’s a similar group of people who made this movie, seeing as how both are small independent films.

I’m telling you, keep an eye out for these people.

Best part: Soo much charisma and fine subtle acting makes you really feel like you’re a part of what’s happening.
Worst part: The scene where his wife found out, while hilarously funny, felt every so slightly fake.
Score: 5/5

World’s Greatest Dad

Robin Williams plays a teacher who spends his free time raising his son and writing novels. His great dream is to get published, but he’s never gotten anything published so far despite having written several novels.
His son goes to the school he teaches at, and is egoistic, rude and has a twisted sexuality. For example, early on in the movie, Robin’s character catches him choking himself with a belt while masturbating.
The acting was average, the plot was unlikely, and Robin kept injecting his small cute little jokes (“I’ll come over and put my penis in your vagina. That’s a single entendre!”), making it hard to focus on the character he was supposed to play. Oh, and you get to see his penis.

Best part: Very nice photography and very skilled craftmanship made the movie really easy to sit through.
Worst part: Lacking substance. If there’s a point to this movie, I missed it.
Score: 3/5

posted 14 years ago