2011, here we go!

So it’s the first working day of the year, and we’ve got two more people in the office now. Carl Manneh and Tobias Möllstam. And we’ve got the entire office as well now.

AND.. just a few minutes ago, I found out that Minecraft got three nominations for the Independent Games Festival (Grand Prize, Technical Excellence, and Excellence In Design). So this means I definitely will be going to the GDC this year! :D

On Wednesday, we’ll have a strategy meeting of sorts and try to work out some vague plans and try to decide how to drive Minecraft beta development and try to define what the finished game will actually be. We won’t start work on modding or anything like that before then.

But! We (especially Jens) have added a bunch of new content to Minecraft that we want to get out asap, so there will be a content patch update next week with a whole pile of fun new toys, including a water mob and quite possibly paint if we can figure out how exactly it should work.

(Oh, and Minecraft will hit 1 million sales soon, and I have NO idea how to celebrate that! There’s no time to plan anything!)

posted 12 years ago