Free source code for procedurally generated real time strategy game

[edit: link fixed!]

A couple of years ago, I had the idea to make a game using only procedurally generated content, so I set out to do a full version of t4kns. I spent about two months on it before giving up. The result was this:



Try it online, or download the full source code. The license (included) is “do whatever you want, but I’d appreciate credit”.

I will not provide support on this.


* Fully procedurally generated graphics. NOTHING is hand painted, except for the font.
* Relatively robust A* pathfinding (try sending a car from one end of the level to another)
* The base for Dune 2 inspired RTS with resource management and base building.
* Blobs
* Particles
* Sound
* Randomly generated procedural splash screen (!)

posted 14 years ago