Strategy meeting day results

Yesterday was Strategy Meeting Day™ at Mojang. During the morning, we broke up into two groups and tried to come up with a suggestion on how to spend the next six months or so in different areas. I was part of the Minecraft and [Secret New Game] group. A big part of the discussion was to try to define what the full version of Minecraft actually is, and I think we ended up with something decent. During the afternoon, we had a group discussion about both timelines presented, and added some points and moved some other points around.

While we were doing this, there was a film crew on place (since Monday, actually), documenting and interviewing. I’m not sure if they want it to be secret or not, so I won’t say who they were yet. It was great having them here, though. :)

For Minecraft, we set up a rough schedule covering the major points that need to be added. For new content, we decided not to list it in detail, as that should be added in a more agile way where you kinda go from day to day deciding what would make the most sense, or just if someone gets a great idea that they want to try right away. The first two big points were, in order of priority, “New save file format”, and “Add mod support”.

On Monday, we’ll try to guess how long each point will take, then come up with a release date for Minecraft. Since we’re releasing often and early, the actual release itself won’t contain any huge changes to the game compared to what it was like a week ago, but it represents a point of time where we go from “trying to finish a game” to “maintaining and expanding upon a game”. It’s going to feel great to have something that I can point at and say “we made this. This is it”.

Oh, and I’ve finally committed the Music Blocks to the repository.

(Oh, wait, no, I didn’t.. Doing so broke git, so we’re changing to svn because git is horrible and evil)

posted 12 years ago