Film Festival Reviews. Part 11.

These reviews are by Ez (my fiancé):

City Island

A cosy drama comedy with Andy Garcia where lies complicates the lives of an otherwise rather normal family. Garcia plays a prison guard with secret acting ambitions. He decides to house a criminal without telling him or the rest of the family that he is his father. I kept laughing along with the rest of the audience during this film which made it a good movie experience. Although the care-for-your-loved-ones-and-don’t-lie-too-much point is nothing new, this film manages to tell it well.

Worst part: Garcia does a Marlon Brandon impersonation.

Best part: The youngest son’s never ending blunt honesty at the dinner table.



This is a film about how a family can be torn apart by loss. It also shows very well an egocentric childish mind at work. I was moved by some scenes but the film has now faded away and proves not to be that memorable. The every day life is very good portrayed and the psychology is interesting. It’s refreshing to see a film where people are put to harm but where noone is really evil. Most people do mean well.

Worst part: When the father fails to make pizza dough - it’s exaggerated.

Best part: The sudden turn in the beginning of the movie. If you’re not prepared it will hit you hard ;)


Reykjavik – Rotterdam

A criminal drama where the main character leaves his wife and two children for one last run of smuggling alcohol from Rotterdam by boat since they badly needs the money. The film is smart and intense and although full of violence never gets too brutal as many films in this genre. The cinematography is impressive and I do like the comic relief.

Worst part: The bad guys actions where at the end out of place.

Best part: The painting.


posted 13 years ago