Film Festival Reviews. Part 12.

This is the last one! Finally!

The Countess

After her husband dies, Countess something-or-other falls in love with a young nobleman. Several important and power hungry men drive them apart, and trick her into believing she’s been abandoned. So naturally, she goes mental and starts killing innocent girls by the hundreds.
On the surface, this movie is a violent costume drama, but below that it’s so much more. Most of the story is told by a more or less unreliable narrator (he retells the story as it was told to him), which leaves a lot of puzzling up to the audience. Since this was established early on and done in a credible fashion, I really enjoyed it.
Unfortunately, they chose to be extremely explicit about the resolution towards the end of the movie, and that took away some of the fun and mystery of the movie.
I probably wouldn’t watch it again (perhaps just once..), but I really enjoyed the first see-through.

Best part: A very iconic scene at the start of the movie where we get to see the Count standing on top of a pile of dead soldiers.
Worst part: The very last scene of the ending..
Score: 4/5

posted 14 years ago