Whoops, gmail thinks I’m sending too much spam

Today was pretty crazy. The X-mas gifting seems quite popular indeed, I’m very happy with the response. An especially big thank you to everyone who donated and/or sent me an X-mas greeting.

However, my server’s been cranking out emails at a silly rate, and since I send my emails via GMail, I tripped some limit on outgoing mail, and now I can’t send any more emails. It will be restored within 24 hours, they say. But it’s kinda clear I’ll have to figure out a better way of sending the emails.

There’s a rather scary looking error message now, but all gifts go through just fine.

Also, I just realized I might’ve been a bit early with this X-mas push. :D I just get into the whole holiday vibe pretty early. I like this time of year. =)

posted 13 years ago