Some feedback on the feedback, and a picture of me

First up, the picture of me (pardon the strange angle):


Next up, the feedback, in the form of a Q&A:

Q: When will you reply to my email?
A: Tomorrow. Christmas is finally over.

Q: When will the free copy to a friend deal end?
A: January 1, 2010.

Q: Does the model have to be that cute?
A: No, not at all. A huge focus is to keep the models customizable. If you want to play as an emo goblin, you can! If I have any say, the default model will be more “neutral” than “cute”, but I’m going to trust Dock if he disagrees with me.
Also, I’m going to FIGHT for pixelated textures, at least on the face! It’s a big part of the aesthetic, and it needs to be there.

Q: Will other graphics, like block textures, be changed?
A: Yes. Some of the textures are pretty good now, like the book case, the tree trunks, and the grass, but others are weak. The style will definitely stay, the feel might change slightly. Mostly, I want to make it feel less random, but keep the different blocks feeling unique.

Q: Why is the logo so round, and why is it so retro looking?
A: I’ve realized that making every single thing in the game be blocky is a very limiting design path. It’s a big part of what makes the game so recognizable, granted, but other games also go this route, so it’s hardly unique. I think it’s a better plan to instead focus on what sets the game apart. Here, have a big world with millions of cubes! Have fun! Create! Melt in lava!

Q: When is survival mode multiplayer coming?
A: I have no idea, sorry. I can tell you the development schedule, though:

1. The inventory screen. (I will get this done this year, so help me Derek)
2. Crafting of inventory items
3. New server for creative mode, with anti-hack protection and updated protocol that uses slightly less bandwidth.
4. New creative client that uses the new models and such.
5. Survival mode multiplayer test
6. Survival mode

Not included in this list is Dock’s work. We’re still just getting started with the collaboration, and haven’t spoken much at all during Christmas.

posted 13 years ago