I’m definitely using the todo list, and some clarifications

Yeah, that todo list is awesome. I’m definitely going to use it. I’ll add things to it as I remember them, and I’ll keep it as updated as I can. Dates and priorities will change, as I’m very flexible in my workflow, so don’t rely on what you read on there to still be valid one week later.

I’ve got it set up now so that roughly everything that isn’t set to status “someday” will be completed before the game goes beta.

And some clarifications:

You may distribute the link to indev as much as you want, and you may talk about it and even post screenshots and videos. Just don’t distribute the game itself to other people, as it’s very buggy. I will stop doing the indev if I find out people have been distributing it. Seriously.

There won’t be any updates to normal survival or creative mode until beta. I’m focusing hard on getting the game done now. Beta will include the new file format, and multiplayer survival mode.

From beta and on, you will need to buy the game to be able to play multiplayer. Single player will have a limited free version.

posted 13 years ago