Notch is back in the building! (for two weeks)

Last night at 6 pm, I got back to Sweden after my vacation. During my vacation, I took a ride in a submarine, finished my Advanced Diver course, ate more nachos than healthy, saw Chichen Itza, did some cavern diving in a cenote, and checked my email to see I was supposed to go to LA to do the Minecraft live stream with Machinima rather than go straight home.

In two weeks, the entire Mojang office is heading off to GDC, where we’re nominated in six categories (three in the IGF, three in the GDCA). I’ve got a huge pile of meetings planned while I’m there, but I hope to be able to check out a bunch of talks, and get to check out what other people are doing.
We’ll have a small Minecraft booth at GDC, and for everyone wearing a blue shirt, we’ll give out one of these:


During the two weeks up until GDC, we’ll be working on finishing up the new game launcher and finishing up some new game features for the game, including an official white list implementation for the server and more types of half sized blocks.

My vacation was great, but being back is also great. I got really home sick at the end of the two weeks.

In other news, this is awesome:

posted 12 years ago