No more putting it off! Finite water in /indev/!

Well, it kinda sorta works. :D

Water will always drain from the highest most remote location when flowing.
The oceans have infinite water.
Water won’t move around along the surface is on.
Water won’t spread out over unfilled water surfaces. This generates waterfalls that will slowly fill up basins.
Water that can’t move and has empty space next to it will either evaporate (66% chance) or copy itself (33% chance).

However, the downside is that finding the highest connected source of water is INSANELY EXPENSIVE. It works well for small things, but as soon as you tunnel into a cave and it starts filling, things start going very slow.

There’s much more work to be done, but you can try it now in the indev page.

This will be my last update to the game for a week, since I’m leaving for the UK tomorrow. =D

posted 13 years ago