TIGJam UK 2 is over. Can’t wait until the next one!

Boy, I had a lot of fun, and made a few games. I even started work on  what I personally think is a pretty epic 4k game for Java4k, but more about that on a later date.

Oh, and I met Dock, and talked quite a bit about Minecraft with him (even if it hardly was my primary reason for coming to Cambridge). He kicked my ass in Bomberman, and we decided to make space for custom arrow graphics in the player texture file, and a bunch of other secret stuff I don’t want to reveal yet.

Tomorrow will be spent partly in London, but mostly just traveling, and I get back to Minecraft development on Thursday. I feel like stopping on a high note was a really good thing, since I can’t stop thinking about all the cool stuff I want to add, and having fire work great and water work relatively great makes me feel confident about adding even more cool stuff like that.

I like it when several small but relatively simple individual components kinda gang up on you and make the game a really complex environment. There’s no need in making each component super complex.

To reply to some feedback:

Multiplayer mode will be paid only at beta. If this ends up being the wrong decision, I will change it, of course. But it would solve a lot of problems, and also help ease the game in for the release.

The reason there’s no saving (or mp) in indev is that I don’t to have to support old versions of it, and that I want to encourage people to actually play the main versions of the game. Indev’s just a sneak peek. But as such, I’m extremely happy with it, and see no reason to ever stop doing that. Heck, I’ll most likely have an indev version thing up for any future game I make as well.

And finally, a huge thank you for being the best community I could ever imagine. I’m humbled.

posted 13 years ago