Indev’s been updated with a bunch of goodies

A bunch of new stuff in this one:

* New liquid spawner in level generator. Water (and lava) can spawn above sea level now, and on floating islands, and caves should be less flooded.
* Working bow and arrow. You can’t hit enemies yet, though, but the items work! Right click the bow to use it.
* Local saving/loading (no online yet). This uses the new file format.
* New lighting pass, preventing stack overflows on huge deep floating maps
* Lava works like water now (but slower). Check your inventory for a “volcano” block.
* Explosions will hurt rock. In fact, explosions in general are much better now.
* You can place blocks on top of resource items in the world. The resource will get pushed out of the block so you can reach it.

* And a bunch of small bug fixes

posted 13 years ago