Tile particle emittors, better explosions, and ads

Last night’s and this evening’s updates:

+ Particles, finally!
+ Much better TNT explosions. TNT will lose power traveling through different materials, so it’ll blast smaller holes through rock, but larger through dirt.
+ Explosions will no longer hurt you through rock (unless the rock blows up, that is)
+ Tiles near the player can spawn particles (fire, lava, torches at the moment)
+ Added ads to the web site for free and unregistered players.
+ Slightly reduced memory usage (by my calculations, by 25%) for the terrain data by using GL_T2F_C4UB_V3F instead of GL_T2F_C3F_V3F

I’m considering what options there are for crafting. The tools (axes, primarely?) don’t do anything on right click now, so I could make them open a carve/extract/gather menu when you right click a block of wood.


Extracting would only give you the base components, like sticks and handles or whatnot. To actually make an item, you assemble them in your inventory. For example, handle + rock axe head = stone axe. water + yellow flower = yellow dye.

Of course, this is not perfect. It’s not really intuitive, it uses menus (which I’m trying to avoid), and it doesn’t tie well into the actual game.

I’d want people to build forges and smelt iron and so.
(well, I guess I could just make iron ore blocks in fire become iron after a while)

I will get started with some test implementation stuff soon (wednesday night, probably) then get something done by the end of this week. =)

posted 13 years ago