The ads.

The flash ads caused some performance problems on some computers, so I changed to text only ads.

As for how much money they make.. I’m not allowed to share any details, or I would. But let’s just say they won’t make me rich.

From a purely economical standpoint, I should keep the ads if the revenue from ads plus the number of people who purchase the game just to get rid of the ads is higher than the number of people who don’t buy the game as a direct result of the ads. Included in this is trying to calculate how much word of mouth goes down (or up) because of whatever badwill and/or sense of familiarity the ads add to the site.

I haven’t received any negative comments about the ads, other than the performance issue. That was surprising.
I guess people are used to ads for free content.

Personally, my biggest issue with the ads is how they offset the entire design of the page. I am aware that

is considered bad design in the first place, but I kinda liked it. ;-)

posted 13 years ago