And they’re gone!

Who benefits from ads?

Me as a developer? Kinda. Assuming the equation I mentioned in the last blog about the ads works out as positive, there’s an economic incentive to run ads.
But I’m encouraging users to pay for other games, when I would rather have them pay for my game, which is the reason they come there in the first place.

The players? No. Definitely not. The web site gets more cluttered, and there’s a potential drop in performance in the game.
There’s some small benefit in finding out about similar services you might like more, but I don’t think that’s very common.

The people running the ads? Absolutely! The reason they run ads at all is to increase their income. You get your name out there, people get used to it, and traffic increases.

So if it’s not got for you, only kinda good for me, and definitely good for scum like Evony, why do I have ads?

The answer is, I no longer do. And I never[*] will again.

(Side notes: I was against ads from the very beginning. I ran this as an experiment, and it failed. I will DEFINITELY, however, run ads for Minecraft on other sites when the game is done. ;D Oh, and sorry about the evony crap.)

[* May or may not be true.]

posted 14 years ago