There’s a lot of work to be done for crafting!

I’m trying an item assembly based approach to crafting. You’ll have a 3x3 tile grid of item slots. Putting the right combination of items in there turns them into a new item.

For example, this would become a pickaxe:

XXX   X = Iron ingot
.#.   # = Wood
.#.   . = Nothing

And this would be a sword:

.X.   X = Iron ingot
.X.   # = Wood
.#.   . = Nothing

And an iron block: (The actual positioning within the grid is irrelevant)

XX.   X = Iron ingot
XX.   # = Wood
...   . = Nothing

To do the crafting, you need access to a crafting table. All crafting is immediate, so you can craft as fast as you can click.

Other things I’m considering is REQUIRING a pick-axe to mine stone, but you can make one for free out of wood. It won’t last long, but it’ll get you started. Then you can make a stone pick-axe.
To mine iron, a stone or better pick-axe is required.
To mine gold or emerald, you need an iron pick-axe.
This ensures you can’t get an emerald pick-axe immediately because of a lucky spawn.

posted 13 years ago