Halfway through GDC, here’s what we’ve done

We stepped on the plane to New York, and the Minecraft server died. While flying from New York to San Francisco, Tobias managed to get the servers back online via the amazing wonder of in-flight WIFI. I was afraid this would set the tone for the trip, but so far it’s been an amazing success.

Sunday was mostly relaxation and shopping (I found a great new coat, but it’s a bit too warm for SF), and it ended with a company dinner. We invited the Oxeye guys over as well, and it turned out really good. I had the biggest steak I’ve ever had, and also had room over to steal some of Jakob’s food.

Monday morning, I met one of my idols for breakfast, and kinda promised him I’d add pet dogs to Minecraft, so I guess that’s happening. Then we went to Google, did an interview or two, then went to dinner with a huge gaming company. I kept getting sleepier throughout, so I’m not sure how great of an impression I did. It could play into the whole “indie” thing though to seem uninterested. ;)

Today, we started with a meeting with Curse, the guys running the forums and the wiki these days, and we’ve got plans to work more closely together in the future. I think they’re doing really great things for the community. After a somewhat rushed but excellent lunch, Jakob and I did an interview with PC Gamer, I did a filmed thing for Eurogamer with Chris Hecker.

Then the scariest thing in a long time happened. I went on stage. I talked for three minutes about piracy, mumbled something about “That was quick”, and left the stage. I was scheduled to do a five minute talk, but only managed to fill 60% of it.. People tell me it wasn’t as bad as I thought it was.. but they’re probably just being polite.

Then I molested Danny B (the guy who made the Super Meat Boy music) for a bit before grabbing a quick dinner and ending up at the craziest party ever where I met a bunch of important and famous people.

Tomorrow is more meetings, and then the big award ceremony is. We’re nominated in a total of six categories across both the IGF and the GDCA.

I’m nervous.

posted 12 years ago