Minor update, must sleep.

+ You should be able to get flint and steel from mobs now. Sorry about that. :-O
+ Wood mines faster than rock now
+ You must have a pickaxe to mine rock.
+ Harder/more difficult materials require better tools (only affects the pick-axe so far)
+ Implemented the basics for a generic material system for blocks. It causes a few minor bugs still, but it should make the code cleaner in the future

Balancing this system is going to be interesting. =) Obviously right now you only make a single wooden item, then you’re only doing rock or better for the rest of the game.
I think I need to give different materials different advantages. For example, rock and iron could be unenchantable while wood, gold and diamond could be enchantable.

Tomorrow, I add the enemies! Skeletons, spiders, pigs and creepers, here we go!

posted 13 years ago