You can now change the difficulty from the options screen

Under options, there now is a difficulty setting. Later on, this will be set per level instead of globally do discourage just changing the difficulty when stuff gets hard, but I figured people have saves now they want to keep playing on. =)
In “peaceful” mode, there are no monsters, and health slowly regenerates over time.

I also tried to improve the framerate a bit. I hope it helps.

I really need to look into some super fast occlusion culling method. The ones I have tried have either stalled the opengl pipeline too much, or been more expensive than just rendering it in the first place.

Another improvement I need to do is separate the rendering from the game logic more. Right now it’s all single threaded, which means that when a game tick happens, the current frame takes much longer to render. This causes the game to run jerky on computers where the logic takes a long time.

And the plan for the weekend is:

I’ll be gone the rest of the night.
I’ll work in Minecraft tomorrow and most of sunday. I’ll focus on adding new features from the TODO. There’s a lot to be done with crafting, but I consider the basics to be in place. For example, there will be more crafting structures, like forges and anvils and whatnot.

posted 13 years ago