This is going to be a slow week.

Most of my time this week will be spent preparing and planning for the big move (moving in with my gf in six weeks). I need to sell my apartment, and cancel broadband, and talk to the movers and all that.

I’ve been working on armor recently, and I’ve got the rendering working now. It can render a helmet, a chestplate, leggings and boots, each in a different material (and if ever needed, a different shape!)

The chestplate and boots are larger than the legging, which in turn are larger than the legs, so it’s got a nice 3d layer feel to it.

Here’s what it currently look like (The textures will get prettied up. The thing on his head is supposed to be a chainmail hood):


I’ve also worked some on mob spawning, cleaning it up quite a lot and making it slightly better. There’s a max pool of monsters, and a max pool of animals, so sheep won’t stop spawning just because there’s a million monsters.

posted 13 years ago