Thanks to some great feedback, I think I might’ve nailed down the error

According to rumors, if you try to allocare more memory than the machine has available, different implementations of java will do different wacky things, such as some implementations reverting to the default setting of 64 mb.

Just for the actual data, a normal map uses 8MB, a huge map uses 32MB. To generate a map, three times that number is needed, and floating maps require even slightly more

That means in order to generate a huge map, at least 96 is needed.
If you’ve only got 64 mb to play with, that will cause java to run out of memory and crash, and even with 128mb, it’s cutting it close since it has to keep everything else in memory at the same time (graphics, sounds, all game objects)

I’ve set java to allocate up to 256MB now. 128MB might be enough with some tweaking, but I figured I could do with the buffer zone when multiplayer gets here.

The game appears to linger at about 50%-60% memory use for me now.

Does it work better now?

posted 14 years ago