That was a lot of work, but it should behave better now

Many hours of boring, solid work, and the lighting propagation code has been muchly improved. It’s way faster and uses way less ram.

I did some other fixes as well, and uploaded a new indev version just now:

* Sound is back, but I’m going to rewrite it at some point
* Spiders have glowy eyes now
* Undead creatures get set on fire by sunlight
* Spiders are calm during the days, and won’t attack the player
* The lighting on half blocks works slightly better. It’s still not perfect though, and I’m starting to regret ever adding them.
* The starting house will only spawn in nice places now. Mostly. ;)

Oh yeah, and:

* I found the bug where trees could destroy ANY terrain when they grow. It’s fixed now.

posted 13 years ago