Furnaces and Loot!

New update in indev!

To smelt, you need to build a furnace. Hint: they’re made out of rock.
Furnaces need something combustable and something burnable to work. Once they do, they spit out the result every now and then. You can leave them alone while they do their thing, it’s pretty easy to spot when it’s done at a distance.

I tweaked the loot around a bit:

Sheep: Drops nothing.
Pigs: Drops porkchops.
Creeper: Drops that strange powder thingie. (Sulphur? Gunpowder? Who knows.)
Spiders: Drops string.
Skeletons: Drops arrows.
Zombies: Drops feathers. Naturally. (I should add chickens. soon.)

To get flint and steel, you need to craft it. Where could you find flint? Hmm..

Now I’ll go drink beer! =D

posted 13 years ago