Changing my development plan for the game.

The original plan was to make Minecraft a somewhat quick thing, perhaps a 6-12 months of work or so (it’s been eight months so far), then move on to other games. I’ve got PLENTY of game ideas I want to make.

But, well, the game is getting popular, and it has a lot of potential for a lot of cool features.

So I’m officially changing my plan now.

After the game is “done” (that is after beta, meaning when multiplayer survival mode works well and is fun), I will continue working on it as my main project, and release regular releases, for as long as the game sells enough for me to live off it.

I might work on other games (competitions, experiments, collaborations) at the same time to keep my sanity, but minecraft will be my definite primary focus until people get bored with it.

Oh, and.. even if it stops selling before beta is over, I will still finish all the promised features. ie multiplayer survival, the dungeons and levers expansion and so. Those are already paid for.

posted 13 years ago