Full steam ahead, captain!

Someone pointed out to me that most of my blog updates recently were about how I had no time to develop. I thought about it, and realized that I only feel like I have the time to blog when I’m being prevented from doing actual development. So I guess in one sense, the recent lull in updates can be seen as a good thing. ;) Hopefully it doesn’t mean I’ve grown tired of blogging..

I’ve been able to focus on development a lot the last couple of weeks, and we’re hoping to get the new update out soon. It will include the wolves, the ability to change your spawn point, and a rather ambitious statistics tracking and achievement system. Once that update is out, we’ll spend some time figuring out exactly what to do with the modding, which should result in a nice modding API.

Other cool news is that work has started on the mobile version of Minecraft, we landed a merchandise deal with J!NX (pardon the plug), the guys working on Scrolls decided to use Scrum with internal demos each Tuesday, the office renovations are almost complete, and 2 Player Productions reached their goal on kickstarter to make a full-length movie about Mojang! Amazingly, they’re the third highest funded project on kickstarter!

posted 12 years ago