The weirdest night of my life!

I feel like James Bond.
Or, rather, I feel like a geeky kid who just finished playing James Bond for a few hours and wants to tell all his friends about what happened.

Yesterday, a rather spontaneous rich guy dropped by the office to meet and greet, which was fairly awesome. We had a short meeting where everyone said what they did and what we thought about the future and so, and as he left, he invited three of us along to fly to London with his private jet to go to a party where a famous musician was playing. That was even more awesome.

I immediately said yes. Then I called my fiancee to make sure it was ok. ;)

We arrived at the party at about midnight, where there was a table reserved for us. There were rich people and various hang-arounds everywhere, but the mood was very relaxed and energetic. The music was brilliant, and the entertainment even more so. People got drunk, people smoked on balconies, and we ended up in a hotel suite eating white bread and some kind of peanut butter/gingerbread paste.

After catching some very brief sleep in our own hotel rooms (paid for by Mr Rich (thank you, sir! (I wonder if he’s reading my blog..))), we flew back to Stockholm just in time for a meeting with a potential new employee.

It’s amazing to realize that there are people who actually do this all the time, flying around in private jets, and having assistants who in turn have their own assistants.
As alluring as this lifestyle is, strangely I’m more excited about the fact that the oscilloscope I ordered last week finally arrived and is waiting for me back home.

posted 13 years ago