The move is drawing closer, but I will still update!

Hey hey, life is crazy busy at the moment. I’m just two days, I’m moving in with my GF, and I still have a lot of packing to do. The plan is to work some more on minecraft today, get an update out, then I’ll be gone for several days until I get settled in again in the new apartment (probably on Saturday)

I found the causes of a few bugs in infdev, and I’ll fix those today:

* Sometimes the content changes of chests don’t get saved.
* Trees and other features would get regrown pointlessly.
* Light acts weird on half blocks again
* The top layer of the map is broooken. It’s fully lit and crashes the game when built on.

I’ve also been playing around with ways of increasing the height of the level. I won’t be able to make it infinitely high any time soon, unfortunately, but I think I could make it a fair bit higher without slowing down the game too much. Basically, each column of chunks would keep track of how tall it is. The level generator still generates levels of the same height, but when you build on top of that, it’d grow the height of the column there.

The downside of this is that if you cover the land in a huge ceiling, you’ll slow things down quite a bit, but for isolated tall towers or castles, it’d be pretty fast.

But I won’t add this before multiplayer.

posted 13 years ago