Do not buy Ubisoft games!

I bought Settlers 7. It’s a wonderful game, and Blue Byte really managed to pull it off. It’s full of subtle choices and a fun meta game with trading and research that feels like a slimmed down Civilization 4.

But now I can’t play it.

Cannot reach server, it says, and the only remaining option is to quit the game. No saving, no “try again”, nothing. Just “quit”. I can’t even start the game now, not play single player, not multiplayer, not even toy around with my castle design.

This is all because of Ubisoft’s moronic DRM called Online Services Platform.
It’s pure evil, and I hope Ubisoft will realize this too. In the meanwhile, I urge people to read up on OSP before buying anything from them.

Also, I’d like to say something directly to the engineers who implemented this:
Shame on you! Bad nerd!

posted 13 years ago