Still going slow, but here’s a new screenshot!

Paul Spooner made a really cool tree mod for Minecraft that would convert the boring normal trees into much fancier trees. I was very impressed with what he did, and have been working with him for a couple of weeks or so now to get his trees into the game.

This is what it currently looks like:


(Click here for full size)

In other development news, I’ve got entity saving and loading fully working now, so you can drop items or spawn monsters and they will show up if you save and load the game, and I’ve fixed a bunch of annoying little bugs.

I was planning on getting an update out today, but I started trying to fix the crash bug some people are getting when loading or generating a new level, and it turns out that was just a symptom of a much larger bug. To put it briefly, the lighting code is broken.

Unfortunately, my development speed is still very slow after the move, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get an update out this week. I’m sorry, and I will try to get back up to speed as soon as I can. I hope you understand. =)

posted 13 years ago