MinecraftCon 2011 in Vegas?

We’re thinking about how to celebrate reaching the release on 2011/11/11. There’s also a significant lack of a MinecraftCon this year. Perhaps we can combine them?

So we’re thinking of perhaps setting up a MinecraftCon in Las Vegas on 2011/11/11, with all of Mojang going there, and us pushing out the final release live on stage or something. There’d be contests (costume, speed building, whatever else), Q&A sessions, parties and awesome food and such. This would be a great opportunity to both celebrate the release, and to meet the fans up close again.

It’d probably cost about 90 dollars per person, excluding hotel room and travel costs, although it’s possible we might be able to set up bulk deals with some hotel.

It’s a bit hard to guess how many people would be interested in something like this, so here’s a poll:

posted 12 years ago