One month until full time!

Well, one month and 445 minutes..

As you might know, I’m currently only working on Minecraft 60%. The remaining 40%, I’ve spent at, doing web programming and talking to actual real other people. About two months ago, I decided to leave that job and focus on Minecraft fulltime.

So in one month and 445 minutes, I’ll be a full time indie game developer! Yay!

Incidentally, the date is June 1, which is both my birthday (I turn 0x1F), and relatively close to being the one year anniversary of Minecraft (the first engine test was made around May 13, and I started selling the game about one month later.. It’s hard to say exactly when the actual game appeared.)

And as for multiplayer:
It’s not working at all yet. It will, but it needs more work. There are no showstoppers, but I’m starting to worry about bandwidth usage for large servers.

posted 13 years ago