The Break, Gaming and Flattr

I’m starting to feel relaxed! I spent several hours (ok, all day) yesterday playing Fallout 3, and I’m really starting to feel like part of the universe again. It’s a very nice feeling. But I don’t want to freak out again, so I won’t go back to work too soon. I’ll keep taking it slow until June 1.

And taking a break, I will!! Alan Wake, Starcraft beta (got the code, haven’t installed yet..), Red Dead Redemption, and working on my Lost Vikings 40x30 pixel demake. I even kind of started getting back into making music.

Also, I heard about this thing called Flattr, and signed up for the beta. And I’d like to talk some about it:

Flattr basically is a service where everyone pays between two and twenty euros per month, then they can click little “Flattr” buttons all over the interwebs. The money they paid gets distributed out amongst the buttons they clicked. So if you pay five euro per month, and click two buttons, the owners of those buttons get 2.5 euro each at the end of the month.

The thing is that in able to receive money from this, you also have to be a member, meaning you have to pay at least two euro per month. And if you’ve paid, you might as well click things you like. (I’m in for €5/month)

I think this is awesome. If something like this were to take off, it’d be a lot easier for people to get paid for content without relying on ads. But it requires quite a lot of users using the service.

posted 13 years ago