Revenge of the Titans beta, and Red Dead Redemption

I’ve been chatting with Cas from PuppyGames for quite some time now, getting sneak peeks of their next game, and just a few days ago they finally released the beta and opened up pre-purchases.

The core game mechanic is a lot like a tower defense game, but it’s been sped up and made much more interactive and arcadey, with just crazy amounts of polish and style. There’s even research and tech tree thingie so you can choose what to develop next.

So head on over to puppygames and pick up the free demo!
If you like it, buy the full version while it’s 50% off.

According to Cas, they need to sell 15000 units to be able to go full time, and they’re 1% on their way there.

As for Red Dead Redemption; for some reason it’s not quite as awesome as I hoped. I think it’s the sand. It feels about the same as FallOut 3 or Morrowind.. They’re all excellent game with varied and fun missions, but the constant sand and gloom makes me feel bored when roaming or traveling from mission to mission. While in games like GTA or Oblivion, I spend most of my time roaming and just having a wonderful time.
Still, I’ll definitely complete this game. The sharpshooter challenges are fun.
I’d post my PSN id, but I’m afraid I’d get swamped.. ;)

posted 13 years ago