Back to work in a few days!

After compacting my schedule a bit and putting in a full week of work at Jalbum, I had my last day there a bit over a week ago. Since then, I’ve done almost nothing other than play games (the end of RDR made me cry manlytears) and eat food.

On Tuesday, I will get back to work, but this time working full time on my own company. First up is a little game called “Minecraft”, you might’ve heard about it. It’s been in development for slightly over a year now, and is very close to beta.

To get me started, I’ll work on some fun small features, like a new game launcher, some new block types, a new monster, or possibly fixing the water. Then once I’m back up to speed, I’ll get multiplayer out as fast as possible, ignoring any potential bugs and flaws in the first release. The idea is that it’s probably faster to fix bugs and rewrite parts of it and do frequent updates than to sit around for a few more weeks and working as slow as before my break.

In the meantime, much love! I’m off to enjoy Gotland! :D

posted 13 years ago