All signs point to yes!

Starting work on your birthday is nice. Not only do you get phone calls from people wishing you a happy birthday, you also get to eat cake! I only got like four hours of work in today, so it’s a bit of a slow start, but during that time, I managed to get signs almost completely done:


The only thing missing is the crafting of the sign item. Signs work like this:

* Craft a sign item (will be finished tomorrow)
* Place it in the world by right clicking the floor
* After placing the sign, you get a popup that lets you edit the text on the sign
* If you remove the block the sign is standing on, the sign turns back into a sign item (ie you can place it again elsewhere, with new text)

And I even managed to make them save properly to file!

Boy, this game development stuff sure is fun! I’ll get some more fun features done this week and release an update to infdev in a day or two. =)

posted 13 years ago