I got my Pandora yesterday

So, well, at around noon yesterday, I got a phone call from UPS, saying they had a package for me. One hour later, I promised myself I’d just “check if it worked”, then get the Minecraft update out. Well, turns out I didn’t. :D

I got my Pandora yesterday!

I spent some time today writing a review of it on the actual device, but then the network failed and I was unable to publish it. Grr. The short version of the review is “it’s an amazing piece of hardware, but the software sucks”. I’ll post the full version when I get it to work again.

The Minecraft update is coming soon! Doors, Ladders, possibly chairs, and Signs.
I’m a bit worried about the performance in infdev, so I might have to do some work there to allow fixed sized maps again before replacing indev.

posted 13 years ago