Totally rushed friday update!

I started playing with the level generator again, and I ran out of week, so no time to polish this update.. But at least I got SOME kind of infdev update out.

For the generator, I want big islands, and big oceans. Islands are very fun, as they provide a closed environment to play on, so you could walk along the shoreline until you reach your starting position again. I’ve had a huge help from the new level visualizer thing, but generating and viewing levels takes a long time, and the tweaks are subtle and hard to track. (Oh, and also, with plenty of water.. boats?)

Here’s what it currently generates:


That’s fairly zoomed out. I believe that entire landmass to be an island, but I’m not sure. The level previewer keeps running out of memory. ;D

I got some more minor bugfixes into this update as well, implemented new experimental clouds, and added a small cosmetic surprise (that seems to be slightly buggy at the moment)

Here’s a pic of the clouds, note the transparency and blockyness:


Have a great weekend, everybody!

posted 13 years ago