Dynamic water and Buckets

Infdev’s been updated.

* Leaves not near a tree trunk will now go away
* Added a new option for graphics quality
* Added buckets (Right click water to pick it up)
* Added dynamic water
* Days are longer, nights are shorter

I tried doing the original plan for water, but it ended up being far too unpredictable, causing weird vortexes (vortices?) of spinning water that would act as infinite water sources, effectively flooding the world. The new system is much more predictable, if a bit silly.

Water will spreads towards the nearest drop up to a four block radius. If several directions have the same distance to the nearest drop, it spreads to all those directions. When water spreads, it’s always one size lower than the current size (similar to how lighting works).
Water that falls down a cliff gets full power again, so to make a long stream, you’ll need to make sure the channel slopes down at a ¼ block slope.

The ocean is made up of full size water blocks that never drop in size. It’s possible to pick up one of those blocks with a bucket, then place it elsewhere. This effectively makes a spring block.

Any water block next to two or more spring blocks turns into a spring block.

Water will not spread out on top of existing water, but it won’t drop down if you dig below it. So if you want to make a river several blocks deep, first make one one block deep, then dig below each water block.

There’s also current, so any running water block will push all entities inside it in the direction it’s flowing.. Kind of.

I will work on the graphics, making it slightly less blocky.

posted 13 years ago