Tweak and bug fix update

I’ve updated infdev with a whole bunch of tweaks and bug fixes


+ Caves are much more interesting now, specifically:
    + Rooms now have 1-5 exits, instead of just 1, making natural hubs.
    + Caves are even more regional, with truly swiss cheese areas being possible (but rare)
    + Springs (water and lava) are more common
    + Increased variety in tunnel thickness, increasing the odds of branches
    + Added natural gravel and dirt under ground for more varied caves
+ Made surface springs more common. Surface lava springs are possible, but uncommon
+ Lava + water = rock
+ Lava springs never spread. You can pick them up with buckets, but never clone them.
+ Lava spring + water = obsidian
+ Getting the player stuck inside ground will obscure the view and slowly suffocate the player
* Water flows nicer, making it easier to make water slides
* Fixed a few bugs in liquid spreading code
* Fixed invisible waterfalls
* Made massive tweaks to the pending tile tick logic (used for liquids and fire), quite possibly fixing a crash bug

posted 14 years ago