Here’s a review of something I recently bought

No, just kidding, I updated infdev.

+ New save file format
+ Tweaked rail laying code, it’s much better now
+ Better fps
+ Less crashy, and when it does crash, it should give a nice error screen with instructions on how to proceed
+ Rideable minecarts, but you can’t open them yet

The first time you save a level after this update, it’s fairly slow, but after that, it should be a LOT faster.
Old levels should still load zones will get converted into the new system as you explore the map, so make sure to run around a lot.
I don’t know if I fixed the crash bugs on linux, I can’t get a network connection on my ubuntu on the mac. I would, if I could download the wifi drivers, or if the wired internet would work..

On a personal note, there’s some shit going on at the moment. :-\ Bleh.

posted 13 years ago