Sorry I broke the signs, here’s the fix

I thought I was going to be able to not work on minecraft all weekend until I saw a disturbing number of crash reports coming in. Turns out I totally broke signs (I gave them the same entity id as the [SECRET UPDATE STUFF] in the caves). I’ve updated infdev with an emergency bug fix version, fixing that and a couple of other crashes I heard about.

Side effects of this bug fix, from what I can tell, is that signs will probably lose their text (just pick up and plant again to fix that), and existing [SECRET UPDATE STUFF] will probably start [SECRET-ING] pigs..

While I’m on here, I might as well tell you the plan for next week:

* Make an offline client. Some OSes and/or web browsers reeeeally don’t like applets too much, so this will be an alternative for those. The offline client will auto update just as much as the applet does, but if it can’t (for example, if you don’t have an internet connection), it’ll still run the latest version of the game.
* Go through and fix more bug reports I’ve received (thanks, all!)
* (Already started) phase out indev in favor of infdev.
* Memory optimizations. The client currently allocates memory fairly rapidly, causing frequent garbage collection runs. This is actually in line with most java best practices as the objects are still in the eden memory space so deleting them is super duper fast. But I don’t trust that.
* Try to figure out why game ticks are super slow on my MacBook Pro

And I’ll try to squeeze in some fun for the Friday update as well.
I think that might make an interesting quasiregular Friday thing, and it helps keep the game feeling interesting when it’s mostly just maintenance work going on. Plus it’s the kind of coding I like the best :D

posted 13 years ago