Offline client tech test

I’ve only got an executable jar file so far.

Proper installers for Windows and MacOS are coming tomorrow, but I’d appreciate some feedback from techy people who understand what an executable jar file is.

If you’d just like to try the new applet launcher, go here.

If you know what a jar file is and want to give feedback, download this.

Does it work? Does it load/save to the same location as the infdev client? Does it allocate enough ram (512-1024 mb) on Mac and Linux?

Memory usage creepling up then suddenly dropping down is normal with java because of how the garbage collector works. And since I gave this jar a rather massive maximum heap space, it’ll accumulate quite a lot of garbage before collecting it. The final version will probably be capped at either 128 or 256 mb ram.

posted 13 years ago