And another thing..

About Mac:

Sound does not work on Mac at all. I have no idea why, and I will probably have to write my own software sound engine.
But, the game itself (with sound turned off) should run much better now with the download version. At least it does for me. The applet version had two really really severe issues on mac; it didn’t get enough ram allocated, and it didn’t properly release resources, which kind of fed into the original problem.

About Linux:

I’ve been getting mixed reports about the downloaded version. It seems to work great for some people, and some say they still can’t run the game. Make sure you’re running the Sun JVM. I know other JVMs “should” work, but I put those quotation marks there for a purpose.

[EDIT:] Ah, the mouse issue! I forgot about that!! I’ll get my Ubuntu installation to work so I can actually test things first hand..

About piracy:

Piracy is bad. I don’t like it, and I worry about it. But I also know how horrible things like DRM and crippling copy protection schemes can be.
I will always value the needs of the legitimate player more than I will waste time worrying about potential lost income from a pirate. Sure, I’ll do whatever small things I can to combat piracy, but not at the expense of making the game suck.

About “Minecraft Classic”:

I’ll keep the links up for as long as there’s no multiplayer and creative mode in the “normal” game (ie the version that was called “infdev” up until yesterday), and for as long as there’s no free demo. But as soon as all that is in place, I’ll remove the links to it from the front page, but it will still keep running from the same urls with the same functionality. So bookmark it, if you like it! You’ve only got [TIME ESTIMATE CENSORED] left!

posted 13 years ago