Indie Game Demake Contest!? Feck yea!

Game Jolt is a pretty freaking sweet place, and what’s even cooler is the new compo they just announced, where you take an indie game, make a “demake” of it, then win a game and some clothing!

A demake is like a remake, except you try to make the new version look like it was made many years ago, for much less capable hardware. It’s like an homage combined with a slightly too large helping of nostalgia. Good examples would include Gang Garrison 2 and possibly my own demake of VVVVVV, VVVV.

As you might’ve guessed, making demakes is one of my greatest pleasures in life, so I will probably try to squeeze in some time this coming week into getting something done for this competition. I already have a few games in mind..

I’d love to see some of you join in as well! If only there was some indie game you could make a demake of.. Hmm.. Something you play and follow the development blog of, perhaps? Hmmmmmmmm… HMMMMMM

Anyway, here’s the forum thread on, explaining the rules and so.

posted 13 years ago